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And it is our responsibility to educate to build strong teams in our companies. With strong teams comes a deep bond to new and existing clients.


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What is Included

So what do you get? The unlocked excel file and video training.
It was build with the latest version of excel on a PC.
However it will also work on a Mac.
If you have excel 2016 or newer, it will work on your computer.

You also get a complete video training on how to use the file.

  • Learn how to use Macros
  • Learn how to extract data
  • See how estimated versus actuals work
  • Learn how to use pivot tables
  • See how slicers can drill down to any metric
  • Learn why gross margin contribution is essential
  • Learn how to share profits on projects with your team
  • See how you can predict, before you take the next project, if you should or not
  • And much, much more.


Isn't it time to create ownership thinking in your organization?

Is $197 dollar investment worth a cultural shift and a focus on profitability?

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Adjusting your approach is easy when you
see things through a new perspective.
Learn how to change the culture in your
organization that benefits everyone.


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