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SunHedge is a solar energy consulting firm located in Kailua, Hawaii.
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Your business needs to execute successfully in an ever changing and competitive landscape. We are here to help you pivot quickly and profitably every day. Invariably, it comes down to your team, not some pricing strategy. Let us help you assemble a team of creative, flexible, self-motivated, resourceful, intelligent and committed partners to make your company the envy of the marketplace.
Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, expertise and advice. We are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

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Keith Cronin - SunHedge

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Depending upon your goals and needs, we customize a solution for you. In general, we communicate via email or phone, go over your needs and create a plan specific to your circumstances.


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Business development - Recruiting - Structured Finance - Debt - Equity - Tax Equity - Owners Representative - Deal Screening - Asset Management - Communications - Expert Witness - Consulting - Mentoring - Market Trend Analysis - Global Solar Perspective - Local Outlook - Yieldco's -


Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant and founder of SunHedge. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his collaborative consulting, distance learning tools and products. Keith consults with clients all over the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and South America. Whether it is strategic advisory services, recruiting, management, marketing, communications or tools to help grow your business, help is here for you.


Some Background

After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe. Keith lives in Kailua, Hawaii.

With a humble beginning, he started his solar integration company in February of 1999. The service suite offerings for clients was broad in context back then, as solar was still in its infancy.

We provided energy services to the DoD, State of Hawaii, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential clients via educational information, choices and solutions customized to their specific needs. We carefully listened and delivered customized solutions. As solar started its climb in Hawaii, so did that percentage of our services. We soon were blessed with an abundance of opportunities to serve our island community with emancipating them from the unbridled and spiraling energy costs that seemed to grow exponentially each month. People wanted something different, when there was no other options. We are grateful for being able to provide options.

Fast forward to 2007

Having a relationship with SunEdison and its founders, we wanted to be part of a global company and recognized the value of scaling up the business with the best and the brightest, and Island Energy Solutions was acquired. Joining a global company and the brain trust imbued the strengthening of our team in Hawaii and fostered sharing best practices across the business segments. We also had access to low cost capital which allowed us to scale.


Post my exit, I wanted to still serve the solar community and started SunHedge. The desire to collaborate in the solar industry was still coursing through my veins, but in a different capacity than before. Helping new companies implement strategies and solutions to scale their businesses was not only exciting, but very rewarding. Strategic partnerships also formed from global companies and work started to come in from around the world.


As the last couple of years have experienced explosive growth in the Hawaii solar market, many mainland and non-US companies have expressed an interest in entering the state here and have looked for someone who has “boots on the ground” experience and understands how local business is done. This relationship building experience gave me alot of perspective and opportunities that have been exciting and fruitful. This expanded beyond Hawaii as this is the canary in the coal mine for what trends will take shape in other parts of the country and globe. Why reinvent the wheel. Take what has happened in Hawaii and be prepared to pivot in your community.


This has allowed many partnerships to be formed in a host of ways. Whether it has been assisting with project development to providing structured financing for deal acquisition, each situation has presented its own custom solution. In teaching a solar MBA course, has also created global collaboration as well, since the spring of 2012. It is always beneficial when best practices can be exported to other regions of the country and globe and have such a rapid and meaningful impact in a business and community.


There has also been a demand for one on one consulting to some of the top local solar firms in Hawaii and around the globe, to accelerate their success in not just making more sales, but profitable sales via a systematized approach of shared accountability, tactics and proven strategies. Fortune 100 companies, hedge funds, private equity, Wall Street lending institutions also are clients, as they are constantly seeking to understand fast changing trends in the solar industry and want to be prepared. They are stewards for pension funds and other investment instruments and need to know what is coming around the corner in this every evolving industry.


What do you want?

It’s a question you should ask yourself. Most people resist. Why do you do what you do? Do you like what you do? Do you want more, Today? What do you have to do to get what you want? Do you need help? Don’t wait forever to have all you want, as tomorrow may never come. Make a decision today.


Take a look around the site to learn more about Our Services and how we can work together. We enjoy collaborate partnerships and bring together talented people to work together.

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A testimonial video

A Live Show On November 6th, 2014 with Jay Fidel of ThinkTechHawaii


  • Keith, your Solar Profit Pricer software has allowed me to add 5 people to my sales team easily and they were making sales the second day!

  •  Appreciate the help with the RFP process. This has saved us tens of thousands of dollars and got us up to speed quickly and was invaluable

    Rengo Packaging
  •  My writing and communication to prospects is much more clear now by taking your copywriting and communication course…my website now tells the customer- WIIFM..

  •  We are glad to have you as a resource as we place millions of dollars of clients money into investments. You have earned our trust as a strategic advisor, today and into the future.

    Jeff-Nomura Securities

Our Clients

Hawaiian Telecom






The Book

Well, good news- the book is now available!

With much appreciation, gratitude and enthusiasm I was able to publish a book to help you seize the opportunity and avoid the pitfalls common in the solar business. This book is a consolidation of over 20 years in the solar business with tools, strategies, resources to help you take your business where you want it to go. There are chapters ranging from sales, operations, budgeting, marketing and more. Head on over to Amazon, right now, to take a sneak peek inside the book.

Solar Success Principles- How to Make a Difference and a Fortune in the Green Economy.

On Amazon- Paperback
Solar Success Principles: How to Make a Difference and a Fortune in the Green Economy (Volume 1)

On Amazon- Kindle
Solar Success Principles

iTunes- for the iPad
Solar Success Principles

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Barnes and Noble- Nook


Our Products

Distance Learning


Learn Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime.


We offer a host of training and education products to assist you in taking your business to the next level or enhancing what you currently have. From the small shop to the company with 200 people we have developed systems to better serve your customers and team. As we realize the tempo of business today, alot of learning happens after hours or on the web. Just look at Phoenix University. They have billions of dollars in revenue. Most of the courses are online and taken by non traditional students.

We’ve listened to you and want to give you the tools you need on your terms.

Here are links to our distance learning products:

Solar Sales Success How to get your customers to say yes. This is how!

Solar Profit Pricer Do you want to create solar proposals for your customers in 10 minutes or less?

Solar Business Blueprint A complete solar budgeting tool to effectively manage your business today and in the future.

Copy Conversion Want to make more sales using the written word? We all could use help with our communications. Whether it be an email you want a response to or a marketing campaign you want to see successful. The most important aspect of business is communications. Radio, TV ads, direct mail, emails, yellow pages ads, your website. The messaging is the difference between profitability and responsiveness. Check this out today.

Copy Conversion- Week 1- Free Want a taste of Copy Conversion for Free? Click the Big Blue Button!

Want to join us in our Solar Executive MBA?

Solar Executive MBA Want to learn high level local and global solar strategies? Click the Big Blue Button!

How about a free tool for you?

Free Email Templates Would you like to get more of your emails read? Actually, any form of communication between you and another person? Take a look at this Free resource to get your communications more effective.

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