Your Needs Are Unique

The one-size-fits-all approach rarely works.

You might have specific goals for a project or to reexamine an approach to a problem in your growth plans.

What You Get

Areas of Experience

Through the last 20+ years, you get exposure to opportunities and learn what works and what doesn't.

  • Origination
  • Project Acquisition
  • A Public Policy Goal
  • Hiring
  • Finance
  • Project Appraisals
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Raising Capital
  • Startups
  • Distance Learning
  • Term Sheets
  • Negotiations
  • Contracts
  • O&M Agreements
  • Expert Witness Help

The Network

When we work together, you get access to a diversified group of disciplines to accelerate your ambitions.

  • Capital Markets
  • Legal Resources
  • Engineering Talent
  • Finance Partners
  • Debt Resources
  • Tax Equity
  • Development Capital
  • Bridge Financing
  • Underwriting 
  • Appraisers
  • Land Experts
  • New Technologies
  • Economic Modeling
  • O&M Providers
  • EPC's Nationally
  • Permitting Experts

The Next Steps


Is there anything else that is getting in the way of your goals?

If you have no time to plan, and can’t get systems in place to run while you’re not there, you need help

After two decades + of being in this business, the same things keep surfacing for people.

500 + clients later from all corners of the globe, the symptoms are the same.

Look forward to helping you reach those goals.

Your friend,

Keith Cronin

P.S. Don't go at it alone. Wasting years of your life trying to figure it out when time is your most important non-replaceable asset.

We only have so much time. 

Guesswork, hard work, or a framework?

Get the results you deserve, TODAY.

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