The Solar Business Is Complicated

Be Confident In Where You're Heading 

What Do You Need Help With


Companies have one of these three problems

(or all of them)

  • Attracting qualified and interested prospects
  • Converting them into thrilled clients
  • Delivering on the promise from the team
Which one(s) do you need help with?
If you're struggling with any of these right now,
I want to help you.



  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Trust In The Marketplace


  • Sales
  • Processes
  • Systems


  • Operations
  • Processes
  • Systems



  • Hiring The Right People
  • Sales And Ops Teamwork
  • Consistent Improvement Loop


  • Cash Flow
  • Finance Tools
  • Net Profits

Long Term:

  • Recurring Revenue
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Diversification


Let Me Help You Assemble A Team Of:

  • Creative 
  • Focused
  • Flexible 
  • Self-motivated 
  • Committed partners 


Be the envy of your marketplace. 

Serve your community and the world at large.

Make your mark on the world and make a huge impact.


It is the only way to scale your business.


And make the money you deserve.

How Long Will You Wait?

Let's get you through this situation, today.

We all only have so much time.

A little secret: when I asked for help,

I was able to grow and scale the business

and eventually, exit the business.

This was no accident. Let me give you the map to do this.

Freedom is closer than you think!


What Are People Saying?

Hawaii And Your Neighborhood

Postcard from the future


The Books

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Solar Success Principles

This book is a consolidation of over 20 years in the solar business with tools, strategies, resources to help you take your business where you want it to go. 

There are chapters ranging from sales, operations, budgeting, marketing and more.

Head on over to Amazon, right now, to take a sneak peek inside the book.

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Solar Playbook

How Just A Few Simple Changes Can Help You Automate Your Business

All businesses need systems and processes to execute on a consistent basis. That is the framework of this book.

This book is currently not sold anywhere, but is available for private clients and will be mailed directly to you.

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Ethical Persuasion

This book will make you feel good about ethically helping people and not feel bad about making a profit in the process.

You deserve to make money in the solar business and you need to as we are in the sustainability business.

This book is currently not sold anywhere, but is available for private clients and will be mailed directly to you.

Want a Free Digital Copy Of

Solar Success Principles?

You Know What To Do Below 

Get Your Solar Goals Pointed In The Right Direction

Let me guide you to save you time, your most precious commodity.

Make more money and most importantly:

Make a huge impact.

Help the world, by helping yourself

Go Download The Book

Working Together

We can work with you and your team in a more consistent way.

Send me a video/audio/email message using our chat on the bottom right.

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Distance Learning

You want to learn how to grow,

scale, and manage your solar business.  

You're very busy.

You want to learn at your own pace.

Here's how.

Go Here To Learn More

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Business Is About People

It is our responsibility to educate and build strong teams in our companies.

With strong teams comes a deep bond to new and existing clients.

It also allows everyone to focus on a common language. 

The Marginator Helps You Make Better Decisions

Watch this video below to understand why and how it works.


What is Included?

So what do you get? The unlocked excel file and video training. It was built with the latest version of excel on a PC or Mac. If you have excel 2016 or newer, it will work on your computer.

This tool will reshape how you look at business. It will invigorate the people around you. You will attract new people that share the same vision as you.

You also get the complete video training on how to use the excel file.

  • Learn how to use Macros
  • Learn how to extract data
  • See how estimated versus actuals work
  • Learn how to use pivot tables
  • See how slicers can drill down to any metric
  • Learn why gross margin contribution is essential
  • Learn how to share profits on projects with your team
  • See how you can predict, before you take the next project if you should or not
  • And much, much more

Isn't it time to create Ownership Thinking in your organization?

Our Coaching Clients Use This Daily.

You deserve this.

Get started, TODAY!

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Some Clients

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Solar Executive MBA Course

Come join 500+ other people just like you.

They wanted to get a deep background in the complete development process.

If you're curious about commercial and utility-scale solar, then this might be for you.

Learn from two seasoned professionals with decades of experience.

Check It Out Here

Some Background


What are you struggling with in your solar career?

  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Automation
  • Marketing
  • People
  • Something else?

Being close to what you do each day can obscure the big picture.

It can be overwhelming at times to know what to do and when to do it.

There is always too much to do and not enough time.


Implementation seems to come down to the daily priority checklist.

Everything else is on hold.

Does everything become urgent and less becomes important?

Does this sound like how your day is? 

If so, I want to help you.

After growing and scaling a solar business and finally selling it to SunEdison in 2007.


I’ve been where you are now. And I want to help you with:

  • A public policy goal
  • A technical challenge
  • Hiring
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Raising capital
  • Startups
  • Distance learning
  • O&M agreements
  • Expert witness help
  • Making more money


Anything else that is getting in the way of your success?

If you have no time to plan, can’t get systems in place to run while you’re not there, you need help

After two decades + of being in this business, the same things keep surfacing for people.

400 + clients later from all corners of the globe, the symptoms are the same.

Look forward to helping you reach those goals.

Your friend,

Keith Cronin

P.S. Don't go at it alone. Wasting years of your life trying to figure it out.

We only have so much time. 

Book a call to see how I can help you

Guesswork, hard work, or a framework?

Get the results you deserve, TODAY.