How To Get More Colleagues


Many people have expressed over the years, how challenging it is to find talent. Even in the early years for me, it was a hit or miss. You've been there. Someone is on their best behavior at the interview. Stellar resume written by Hemingway. Accolades. Credentials.

But something happened. Like dating, it took 60 days to realize it was a bad hire. But the damage is done. Clients are unhappy. Other colleagues at the company are miffed. The optics are bad.

You don't want to do this, ever again. Hiring is about as fun as getting a colonoscopy. You know you need to do it, but you want to be unconscious and just have the work done.

Hiring is like dating. There is alot of listening that happens in the beginning. Deep listening. Connecting to the applicants desires. Their goals. Their vision for the future. What a day in the life would be like, ideally for them.

We have to start there. Not what we want. Forcing any relationship never works in the long term. And remember the 60 day courtship above?

This is why inverting the process is so powerful. Getting small commitments from them along the way. Getting their values in alignment with ours.

When you find passionate people doing the work they enjoy, the more likely they'll take ownership of their daily activities. They'll be more productive. Less sick. Less interested in gossiping. More interested in serving the clients.

This makes for a highly desirable and attractive place to work.

More like minded people come to join the tribe.

If you want to learn how to do this, check this out.


Keith Cronin

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